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A Deep Dive into Beyond Budgeting - an agile management model for new business and people realities.

In this workshop, you will get unique insights into Business Agility in practice. You will benefit from Bjarte Bogsnes’s extensive implementation experience, starting in the mid-nineties, before Agile was  born.

Over one day, you will learn about all aspects of the adaptive management model Beyond Budgeting, from background to philosophy to its 12 principles covering leadership and management, and the close relationship between Beyond Budgeting and Agile. You will also hear about companies all over the world who have embarked on this journey, including the Statoil story – where the budget (and much more) was kicked out back in 2005.

Attendees will understand how to trust and empower without losing control, and learn how to redefine performance – with dynamic and relative targets (or no targets at all) and a holistic performance evaluation. The workshop will also cover dynamic forecasting and resource allocation, as well as other examples of self-regulating management mechanisms, including transparency. Bjarte will also share insights into KPI pitfalls and the bonus problem.

  • The problems with traditional management, including budgeting

  • Beyond Budgeting  - the adaptive management model

  • The background

  • The philosophy

  • The 12 principles

  • Companies on the journey around the world; examples of how they operate

  • The Borealis story – going Beyond Budgeting before Beyond Budgeting

  • The Statoil story -  the "Ambition to Action" model;

  • Redefining performance - dynamic and relative targets and a holistic performance evaluation

  • Dynamic forecasting and resource allocation and no traditional budgets

  • From calendar-driven to event-driven

  • Examples of self-regulating management mechanisms

  • The KPI pitfalls

  • The target problem

  • The bonus problem

  • Beyond Budgeting and Agile

  • Implementation experiences and advice

  • The Beyond Budgeting Roundtable

More background information in Bjarte's Blog.

Bjarte's book:
Implementing Beyond Budgeting: Unlocking the Performance Potential


Bjarte Bogsnes has a long international career, both in Finance and HR. He is currently heading up the implementation of Beyond Budgeting at Statoil, Scandinavia’s largest company. Bjarte is Chairman of Beyond Budgeting Roundtable (BBRT).  He is a popular international business speaker and is the winner of a Harvard Business Review/McKinsey Management Innovation award. Bjarte is also author of "Implementing Beyond Budgeting - Unlocking the Performance Potential", where he writes about his twenty years long Beyond Budgeting journey. Statoil has opened up for Bjarte to undertake select external consulting work.


Key Info

Date & Time
Thursday, September 6, 2018
8.30am to 5pm


All Day Training

Regular price: 1200.- CHF
Early Bird & SwissICT Members: 960.- CHF
Prices exkl. VAT, Early Bird until July 20

Zentrum Karl der Grosse, Kirchgasse 14, Zürich


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